4. Classical Education and WTM

After Sonlight, my next discovery was Susan Bauer’s book, “The Well Trained Mind” (WTM).   Her take on classical education and a rigorous education with a focus on world history was very appealing to me as well. She had it all laid out in her book; all you had to do was follow it.  So, when my oldest was in Grade 1 (technically), we did away with Sonlight and tried to do it the WTM way.   I remember how we became familiar with the public library that year we tried classical education, WTM style.  We found ourselves there most of the time and we always had tons of library books at home.  It was a bit taxing that way.  Nevertheless, both Sonlight and the WTM were instrumental in developing in my two girls a love for literature and history.  WTM’s rigorous approach to education always fit well with my oldest daughter’s personality (her siblings call her the “workaholic” at home).

It was through Bauer’s book that we stumbled upon resources such as Phonics Pathways, Spelling Workout (w/c my older daughters used until this year), First Language Lessons (w/c my son is going through right now), and Rod & Staff English (still used by my daughters up to now).  Her very own, The Story of the World (w/c we read for 4 years side by side with whatever we were doing) also became our favorite (Bauer’s books are published by Peace Hill Press).  WTM also introduced us to studying languages such as latin (using Latin For Children) and studying logic (using Fallacy Detective, Introductory Logic by James Nance).


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