2. Meeting a homeschooling family for the first time

I was first exposed to the idea of homeschooling through the American wife of our church senior pastor back home in Manila.  They also had five children and I was privileged to watch these kids grow into adulthood.  I first noticed them during youth camps I attended as counselor.  There was definitely something different about them.  Then I would mingle with some of the older ones during singles’ retreats.  Leaving Manila, I only heard about how they finished with degrees, some of them married with children, and even listened to one of them preach a Sunday message through the church website.

It seems I always knew I would homeschool my children.  I remember talking with that pastor’s wife, asking her all sorts of questions.  My oldest daughter was around a year old then and I was expecting my second child.  When my firstborn was almost 4, we decided to officially begin homeschooling.  I had no long term plans, taking each year one at a time.  It has been about 8 years since then (and 3 children more) and it seems we still see ourselves going at it for awhile.

When we began, I wasn’t exactly certain of what we were getting into : what it would cost me/us in terms of  time, effort, and money.  During the initial years I was mostly homeschooling with the use of  good curricula that was recommended to me, the aid of some really helpful homeschool forums where I found answers to a lot of my practical questions, and reading books to familiarize myself with different homeschool philosohpies out there.  Lately, we have become part of a homeschool group that provides families like ours with support, activities and resources. I am still learning along the way and it seems there is still so much to learn and explore about this interesting world of homeschooling.


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