7. Last but not the Least

Our favorite art resource is Mona Brooke’s, “Drawing with Children.”  And our favorite music curricula is “Coloring the Classics“.  When it comes to extra- curricular activities, we try to be careful and not overdo it.  We also try to pick activities for the children that will be lasting (something they will go at for awhile and not just for fun) and will be useful (for ministry or service, perhaps, in the future).  So, the older girls have been studying piano for almost 3 years and all children (except for the fifth addition) are into swimming and working their way up to being able to, maybe, one day, be a lifeguard.  It’s great exercise too!

Last but not the least is our studying the Bible.  Sonlight first introduced us to memorizing scripture (through the Sing the Word CDs) and that was very helpful. Sonlight also had it’s Bible component every year which we always used.  TOG Year 1 is mostly a Bible survey.  So far though, the best Bible study we have found is called Bible Study Guide for All Ages that brings children to a study of the whole Bible through 4 units.  It does not go through the Bible chronologically which is actually a positive factor since going that route can often lead one to stop as soon as you reach the third book of the Bible or somewhere near.  We are finishing up the first unit and have studied the life of Joseph, Daniel, Jesus’ early life, Adam, Noah, and Job.  As it’s name says, this curricula has study guides depending on the ages of your children.  And in our family, we use all levels.


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