5. Math Dilemma

We learned about Math-U-See (MUS) because my second daughter did not find Saxon’s spiral approach to math suitable to her learning style (or so I thought).  She was a visual learner and needed a more hands-on approach to math.  Although this daughter did not end up using MUS (we went on to Horizons Math through Sonlight), her older sister ended up really liking Steve Demme and the way he taught math (she’s gone from Foundations to Pre-Algebra now) and their little brother ended up moving from Saxon K to MUS Alpha (and is now working his way through Beta).  I’m not sure if my second child is just not math-oriented or we have not really found the right program for her, but I don’t have great reviews of Horizons Math either.  Saxon, MUS, and Singapore Math are still the math programs that will be in our shelves for years to come.  We don’t like to stick to one curricula at a time. There’s something thorough about alternating among our favorite programs and having these different approaches spices things up a bit too.  MUS helps us understand concepts, Saxon ensures we’ve got everything covered, and Singapore Math gives us extras such mental math that give my more math-oriented kids challenge or just a different and fun approach to the subject.


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