A Day in Our Life: September 2007

When people find out we home school, the first thing they usually ask is how we do it. This is exactly how we did it one day some time ago…

Most of us were up at around 6:30am – 6:45am. If I wake up earlier (I normally don’t because I’m such a sleepyhead) I still get to spend some quiet moments alone (otherwise, I get to do that in the middle of the day). I started to prepare breakfast while daddy got dressed for work (when I don’t get up too early, he has to double time and make his own breakfast!). The two girls were sitting in our nook (2 smaller ones were still asleep), Daddy joined them after making his coffee, and our second daughter read from John 6 that day. Daddy had time to explain a bit to the girls what the passage meant. I was still making some omelette (there are 6 of us!) and unloading the dishwasher. Daddy leaves shortly since he has to be at work by 8:15am (we live 15 mins from downtown where he works). I continue our scheduled Bible lesson from the Sonlight Instructor’s Guide (IG). In the middle of that, the two wake up and join us. The girls practice their memory verse (Ps 103, now until vs 10).

At around 9am, we’re done eating, done cleaning up (girls take turns practicing piano while I clean up), done with Bible and some prayer time. The younger ones are making noise and wide awake at this time. I hurry and we all go brush our teeth. Then we continue our reading (we take turns) for Sonlight history, Canadian history, and Story of the World. In between, I ask the girls to narrate either what we read yesterday or what we just read. This is supposed to be the time we take out our Sonlight map and mark stuff on it (but sometimes we don’t get to do this).

We finish reading at around 10:30am (in between, there’s a diaper change or someone needs help in the bathroom or I’m giving instructions how the 4 yr old boy is to answer his workbook or whatever “work” he feels like doing at that time). Then, the older girls go on to do their penmanship, spelling, grammar, and math until lunchtime. Meantime, little boy and I do his phonics or math (w/c just lasts from 10-15 mins). My 2 yr old girl is good at entertaining herself (she looks at picture books, plays with her pretend dog, sings to herself, whatever). I prepare a quick lunch or we eat last night’s leftovers. While I cleaned up, someone is practicing piano again. This is also the time I get a little break and so does everyone else (free time).

At around 2:00pm the girls started reviewing their latin words and answering whatever their workbook has for that day. As soon as they are done, we took turns reading our Physics lesson for the day and we discussed what we learned. We finished by around 3:30pm (of course, with interruptions here and there from the little ones again because nobody takes naps anymore unless they wake up really early with us). In between all this, too, four-year old was able to do a lesson of Saxon Math K, few pages of Explode the Code, a portion of his phonics primer, colored lots and lots of stuff. We also read Madeline and he made a flag of France. By the time we’re done, I still have an hour to exercise before preparing dinner. Dad arrives at 5:30 and we eat. When we were done early and the weather is still OK, we would go out for a walk or bike (our forest has a bike trail). Then, it would be time for bath and bedtime at around 9pm for the kids.

On Wednesdays, our schedule changes because of the one-hour piano lessons in the afternoon. When I leave the girls at their teacher’s house, the little ones and I do some errands (library or grocery). On Fridays, too, Β the girls go to a P.E. class (in the afternoon) offered by the homeschool board they are registered with.

Our days are quite full during the week. Weekends are mostly for church, errands, cleaning the house (vacuuming, laundry, etc), cooking lots to freeze for the week. When we host something at our house (w/c we do often bec we enjoy doing that) then, that is really added effort.

This is how it has been for quite some time and this is most likely how it’ll be for awhile…



  1. Wow! What a great schedule/routine! πŸ˜€ I am SO happy to have discovered your blog! Saw it on the Filipino Homeschoolers group on FB. πŸ˜€ Praise GOD that you’re able to homeschool all five kids! πŸ™‚ God bless always!

    • Winnie

      Thanks, Tina! Didn’t know you commented. I sent you a PM through FB. It was you asking about anybody from LHA, right? Nice to meet you. Hope we meet in person soon!

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