For a Change

It’s time once again when we can do “school” out of doors for awhile.  It is no longer cold early in the mornings and there are days, like today, when the hot sun is not too bothersome. Quite a refreshing time of the year: spring.

school outside

Finally the long winter is coming to an end.  The time of more intense studies gives way to a more relaxed atmosphere at home. There is summer to look forward to with its promise of activities, projects, visitors, exploration, and REST.  So, instead of complaining about the weather, let’s be thankful that there is certainty to the changing of the seasons and that there is always something special to look forward to whatever season we are in.

I am reminded of a passage in “Charlotte’s Web”, a book I read to our 6-year old son last fall.  Charlotte (the spider), nearing her death, reassured Wilbur (the pig) that there is no longer the need to fear being butchered in the winter.

…You will live, secure and safe, Wilbur.  Nothing can harm you now.  These autumn days will shorten and grow cold.  The leaves will shake loose from the trees and fall.  Christmas will come, then the snows of winter.  You will live to enjoy the beauty of the frozen world, for you mean a great deal…Winter will pass, the days will lengthen, the ice will melt in the pasture pond.  The song sparrow will return and sing, the frogs will awake, the warm wind will blow again.  All these sights and sounds and smells will be yours to enjoy, Wilbur – this lovely world, these precious days…”

Whatever it is like outside, enjoy YOUR precious moment!


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