Artists at Home

I loved “art” as a subject when I was in school. As I grew older though, I spent less and less time at it so that my skills were not given the chance to improve. Now that I am homeschooling four children, it is a subject that is usually put aside (at least in terms of planning or prioritizing). The only thing is, my children cannot do without it. Maybe most children are this way.  I don’t know. They just love coloring with crayons, drawing on scratch paper their dad brings home from work, dabbling with paint, or illustrating what they write about. There are piles of “artwork” around the house. My older ones may have been inspired from seeing my own brother at his art…as well as their grandma whose lovely paintings they have seen hung in her home. Although these two people live far away from us, we have their “early works” stored where we can appreciate them.

Recently, we’ve had much fun using Mona Brooke’s book “Drawing with Children.”  Photos of what the children have produced are posted.  Here’s a quote from the author,

Only a rare child learns how to draw representationally or realistically on his own. It is just like learning to play piano, learning ballet, or learning to write stories. Children need information about the subject and guided instruction in how to master the basics before they can become creatively independent.”

The first few are done by Miguel (5) and the rest by Bea (10) and Camille (9)


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