A World of Difference

Things am missing about Canada:

  • so clean (because it’s also so cold)!
  • no bugs (also because it’s so cold)!
  • driving
  • buying in bulk
  • refrigerator with door that holds jugs of milk
  • dishwasher, washer and dryer
  • electric garage door
  • lettuces and berries
  • whole grain bread
  • milk in jugs
  • Canadian water!
  • carpets to sit on
  • using blankets
  • free healthcare, just had Marco immunized
  • efficiency – you can get anything fast
  • walking outside without bumping into anyone (except maybe a deer!)
  • friends who are almost family

Things I will have to get used to again in the Phils.

  • surplus of labor so you will never be in want of assistance
  • surplus of labor so nothing is centralized and processes take too long
  • sweating
  • driving with no lanes or rules but lots of traffic enforcers scattered everywhere (when I actually drive!)
  • car airconditioning so cold!
  • eating out
  • wearing jeans when its 30+ deg C
  • actually putting thought to what to wear
  • household help (can’t live w/out them but hard to live with them too)
  • not knowing how your food was prepared even at home
  • walking outside and bumping into a truckload of workers being shuttled

One comment

  1. Sara

    I could have made a similar list when we got back…
    This especially bugged us for a while – “surplus of labor so nothing is centralized and processes take too long”

    And household help…still a struggle. At this point mainly because I don’t like to fire anyone but am beginning to feel like I have to send one home! But when you have efficient and pleasant ones, wow, how they make life easier!

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