One Day at a Time

Here’s a routine that is working for us at the moment:

As soon as we are done with Bible lessons with dad, mom spends some time settling 3-year old with something to do (e.g. puzzles, art materials, a picture book, math manipulatives).  Later, 14-year old (Gr. 9), who has taken the initiative to do some ‘school’ with youngest as well, will spend time with him when she needs a breather. Mom moves on to 7-year old (Gr. 2) who has done her math lessons independently and now ready to work on her language arts subjects (spelling, writing, grammar).  Next, mom spends time with 9-year old (Gr. 4) who has completed his math, latin, grammar lessons and is ready to begin his other language arts subjects.  Meantime, two younger ones go off to play a bit.  Just before it is time to break for lunch, 2nd grader and 4th grader look forward to science with mom. The afternoon begins with short writing lessons that need to be done with the older girls and then trips to the tennis court (or the swimming pool) to bring whichever child is scheduled for a lesson. The rest of the time is spent reading aloud to youngers (Sonlight Core 2) while oldest and 13-year old  (Gr. 8)  finish their assigned readings (e.g. history, literature, church history).  The challenge in teaching the older girls is being able to read ahead of them so as to be able to engage them in discussion.  So, dad (and he does a much better job too having been trained in the Socratic method while in law school) has taken some of the subjects leaving mom with just literature and church history (yippee for her!).  Not everything gets done but we can find some time in the week to squeeze those in.  Sometimes, we spend the last few minutes before bed appreciating music or we spend slow Saturday mornings doing art.


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