Maple Syrup

One of our favorites for breakfast:

Grain and nut pancakes with chocolate chips (for the kids) or blueberries (for dad), peaches or bananas (with peanut butter), and super easy homemade sausages.  Just a couple of these pancakes will last you until lunch time.  Oh, and don’t forget the maple syrup!

Here’s what we read about maple syrup from our Botany lesson this week:

Do you like maple syrup on your pancakes?  If you do, then thank God for creating maple trees, because you are using their sap to make your pancakes taste better!  That’s right.  Maple syrup comes from the sap of the maple tree.  However, real maple syrup is more expensive than the brand-name pancake syrups that line the grocery store shelves.  That’s because getting real maple syrup is not easy! Most brand-name syrups are just sugar and water with pretend maple flavor. Getting real maple syrup takes time.

In the early spring, maple tree farmers poke holes into maple trees and place faucets in the holes.  They then put buckets beneath the faucets.  As the sap runs through the trees, some of it flows out of the faucets and into the buckets.  The farmers then boil the sap and bottle it to send across the nation for people to buy and pour on their pancakes.  Genuine maple syrup is very special because all of this must happen quickly. The sap is only tasty and sweet for about 2-8 weeks.  As a result, all of the sap used to make real maple syrup is collected in just 2-8 weeks out of each year.  — J. Fulbright, Exploring Creation with Botany


One comment

  1. Bryan

    Too bad I was never a big fan of maple syrup… or maybe I just got used to Aunt Jemima too much!

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