Long Lists

I don’t really enjoy reading lists. Sometimes reading them feels like they were written just so there would be exactly that – a list of things. And the more that was in there, the better.  Well, I have trouble remembering lists (that’s exactly why I make lots of them…grocery lists, To Do lists, To Pack lists, etc) especially since, written as such, cohesiveness is not a quality that they would usually have.  I can’t seem to see them as one whole.

There is a list, however, that I came across quite some time ago that I have referred to time and again.  I have even shared this list to others.  This one is called “The 16 Greatest Mistakes Homeschool Moms Make” (by Cindy Downes).  Having read it again for the nth time, I can say that the person who made this list really thought about what she enumerated.  It also felt like it was a list that resulted from years of experience in the subject matter.  Or maybe, it was meant just for me.

Less than a couple of months away from the end of our school year, I again sought out this list. It is usually this time of the year that I need some re-assessing why we do what we do.  It is so easy to lose focus, to get tired or restless, to doubt, or to simply forget.  This time, aside from having been reminded, going through the list brought some encouragement that the reason we are still doing what we are doing is because we were not making the mistakes listed there, or we were making it a habit to get back in line as soon as we were straying.

I am not going to make another long list called “Why We are Still Homeschooling”  or “Homeschooling Success” although that is tempting.  I will try to write about each thing on the original list and muse about how we are doing with each one…a little at a time, hopefully in the next few days.  Right now,  I only have time for this little introduction. Oh, but if anyone’s curious about that original list, here is a link: The 16 Greatest Mistakes Homeschool Moms Make.  Let’s mull over it together.


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