Month or So of Endings

I cannot pinpoint an exact beginning as well as ending to our school year.  I guess you could say we school year round and are more flexible with when we take vacations.  We have gotten quite used to following the August to June school year especially since we cannot help but be on break when either 1) relatives or friends from abroad are over during their summer schedule (July/August) or 2) we go visit and have to schedule it on the relatives’ summer break as well.  It has been tempting to arrange our summer vacation around the same time local schools have it here.  First because it’s too warm to school during the months of April and May here (and we made the mistake of not installing air conditioning in the school room!).  Second, lots of activities just seem to open up during those months.  But since some of us were in Canada til early August last year, we had no choice for the 2011-2012 school year. It has been quite a blessing to realize then that we still ended up being able to attend to school work during the past couple of months Philippine summer (April and May) while trying out some of the activities that came our way.

When it comes to certain skill subjects like math and language arts, the kids just move on to the next level whenever they have completed the last.  For the content subjects like science and history, we usually need the whole school year to finish work for one level anyway.  Otherwise, we keep on. We do, however, would like to take a little break before beginning the next school year officially.  For instance, here are some of the things the kids completed this year:

2nd grader

  • MUS Beta, Singapore Math 1B, 2A (Apr 2011-Apr 2012) – completed
  • MUS Gamma, Singapore Math 2B (Apr 2012-June 2012) – to be continued
  • First Language Lessons 2 (-Apr 2012) – oral lessons completed
  • Rod & Staff English 3 (Apr 2012- June 2012) – to be continued
  • Wise Guide for Spelling lists “J” to “O”  (Aug 2011-Jan 2012) – 2nd grade logbook completed
  • Wise Guide for Spelling lists “M” to “O-3” (Jan 2012-June 2012) – 3rd grade logbook to be continued
  • Writing With Ease Level 1 (Jan 2011-Oct 2011) – completed
  • Writing With Ease Level 2 (Oct 2011-June 2012) – completed
  • Sonlight Science 1 (August 2011-June 2012) – completed except for some experiments
  • Exploring Creation with Astronomy  (1st half 2011-12) – completed
  • Exploring Creation with Botany (2nd half of 2011-12) – ongoing
  • Sonlight Science 2 (June 2012-current) – ongoing

4th grader also recently completed

  • MUS Delta
  • Singapore Math 3A, 4B
  • Rod & Staff English 4
  • Classical Writing Aesop B
  • Exploring Creation with Astronomy
  • Latin for Children A

4th grader just has a couple more spelling lists and he’s done with this year’s logbook (lists J to S).  He also needs a few more weeks to complete Sonlight Science 3 as well as the last two lessons of the Apologia Botany book (with his younger sister).  He was also on week 11 of both Classical Writing Homer and Latin for Children B before we decided to take a break from these.  He’s tried preliminary work in both logic (using the Mindbenders series) and Rosetta Stone French just to see what they’re like.

Both 2nd and 4th grader finished Sonlight Core 2 (Intro to World History 2) this year!  We are now well into Core 3, combining some Canadian History using My First History of Canada and Canada: It’s Land and People .  Both these kids also have been continuing with Beautiful Music and just finished week 12 recently.

8th grader has completed the following:

  • MUS Algebra 1
  • Life of Fred, Beginning Algebra
  • Exploring Creation with Physical Science
  • Stuart English – Book 1
  • Vocabulary from Classical Roots B
  • Classical Writing Aesop & Homer for Older Beginners
  • Classical Writing Poetry for Beginners
  • Latin for Children C

9th grader has completed the following:

  • MUS Geometry
  • Stuart English – Book 2
  • Vocabulary from Classical Roots B
  • Classical Writing Aesop & Homer for Older Beginners
  • Classical Writing Poetry for Beginners
  • Wheelock’s Latin – first half (full credit)
  • Breaking the Barrier French -first half (half credit)

8th grader is passing time going through the Exploring Creation with Anatomy and Physiology and the Cambridge Latin Course.  She has also begun MUS Geometry.  She stopped doing Rosetta Stone for awhile as well as Intermediate Logic.  9th Grader is finishing up Exploring Creation with Biology and Saxon Algebra 1.  Both are finishing up the last unit of Tapestry of Grace Year 3 (19th Century) which includes history, literature, church history, and fine arts.  Both are also pressing on with Classical Writing Diogenes and hoping to finish Maxim and Chreia in less time than normal to get right on track.

Sorry, if this has bored you to death but I’m writing these lists for myself. Ha!

As for the activities that were made available this summer…Both 2nd and 4th Grader joined swim training this past months.  They were both swimming 800 metres after 4 weeks but unfortunately could not attend the last few sessions due to sickness.  I’ve been keen on them swimming since they both have allergies and are prone to respiratory illnesses.  Their coach encouraged them to continue trainingthough and to join an aquathlon last June 17.  4th grader had to swim 200 metres then run 150 kms while 2nd grader had to swim 100 metres and then run 100 kms.  They both enjoyed and finished the race well.

8th Grader decided to try out a musical theatre workshop while her younger siblings were out in the sun and water training.  She truly enjoyed the experience as well.  Though she didn’t get a major role, she was quite happy with how things turned out, made lots of friends, and considered it a privilege to have worked with really talented kids.

Lastly, 9th Grader decided to take all her 2 younger siblings’ unused tennis lessons (since they were busy either singing or swimming).  They were all able to join our neighborhood’s Family Day tennis competition to try out their tennis skills so far.



  1. Hi! I hope you don’t mind me asking … where are your children enrolled? So glad to discover another Filipino homeschooling mommy who blogs (through Mommy Talks) ….

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