Haven’t posted in awhile as we just began our 2012-13 school year with 2 high schoolers, a 5th and a 3rd grader, and a preschooler joining us officially.  Meantime, here are photos that capture some of our Sonlight moments.

With Sonlight, science is a subject that gets done in our house.  As soon as any of the children are reading comfortably, they don’t even wait for me to read their scheduled assignments. After they do so, however, they just take me aside and start narrating what they just read or discussing with me the answers to the activity sheets. The supply kits and the Discover and Do DVD (a favorite even of our 3-year old) allow us regular lab work in our homeschool with little work on our part.  And my high schoolers have everything they need – from weekly schedules to chemicals to microscopes!

His four older siblings, all educated using Sonlight Curriculum, has infected even our youngest with the same delight for literature. He is definitely looking forward to using all the materials that will be passed on to him. He begs to do school daily and I am grateful I have only to pull an age-appropriate science or literature read aloud (or even workbook) from our shelf and off we go to a great start.

We first enjoyed Core 2 (or, Core C now ) 7 years ago in the comforts of our Alberta, Canada home while it was freezing outside.  This past year, we enjoyed the same core with a younger set of children in the tropical surroundings of our new home in the Philippines.  We are grateful that a literature rich education is accessible to us wherever we may be.

And, it is even better (and easier) the second time around! After completing core 2 (or Core C), I am currently going through core 3 (or  Core D) with my younger children and we are all enjoying it. My older girls who have gone through the same cores are now both in high school. With a 10th and 9th grader in our homeschool, I’m so relieved we have quality materials for our educational needs.  This way, I can also nurture my younger ones with the same literature rich instruction and have time to supervise the older girls.  I am seeing in my younger children the same excitement for learning. The way my teenagers are blossoming into young adults who love to learn gives me the inspiration to keep at it with the rest of the children.

Last, in our busy homeschool, it is a bonus that we hardly ever have to schedule when to read Sonlight readers.  More often than not, my children are already thumbing through future week’s readers even before I am done with the current week’s read alouds. As it is, reading aloud is already one of my favorite parts of our day. But my children’s enthusiasm gives me further incentive to be even more dedicated with read aloud time.  This aspect of our homeschool (the fun part) keeps us all going.  This also yields in my children the extra diligence to progress beautifully in the rest of their school subjects.


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