Growing Minds and Bodies

Since my “Uninspired” post, I noticed I’ve been unconsciously blogging to give myself a little encouragement.  Well, ever since the beginning of our new school year this August, I’ve admittedly been overwhelmed. Yes, I made sure we got all our books and materials ready.  For the first time in our years of homeschooling, with the help of the kids, I came up with daily schedules for each of them (which we tweaked during the first couple of weeks of school).  But, I was bogged down by anxious thoughts.  There were subjects we had to work on (mostly art and music) as well as high school transcripts I had to begin figuring out. Though our schedules said we could fit everything in, I wondered whether we could really do so much and still have a life.

My recent posts about our school rooms throughout the years and the children learning on their own currently were to remind me how long we’ve been doing this and how things have a way of working out somehow if I just focused on the essential stuff.  This post is going to be another of those.

Once again, I have to remind myself that, indeed, the children are growing.  I just have to keep my eyes on the goal – to continue to shepherd their hearts even as the Lord continues to shepherd mine.  Homeschooling them is an extension of my calling as parent and though it is always my desire to provide them with an excellent academic instruction, I can only do so much in that area.  Ultimately, it’s whether or not they will love the Lord with all their hearts, minds, and souls that will make a difference. That’s a tough one too actually, but something more solid and worth my time and energy.  Like I always say, balance is a good thing.  It helps when I know we’re getting somewhere with the more important things.  It makes the less important ones more doable and delightful.

Yes, growing minds and bodies, indeed.  Hopefully, growing hearts as well.

Christmas 2004, Cliffridge house

May 2005, five-month youngest

Fall 2006, Discovery house

picnic in our big schoolroom

Winter 2006, Calgary

spring 2007, picnic across the street (Griffith woods)

winter 2007

spring 2009, Las Vegas

Christmas 2010, Tagaytay

schoolyear 2012, Kamias house


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