The Sights and Sounds of Learning

One of the joys (and relief!) of homeschooling is witnessing the children learn on their own.  I’m trying to figure out what it is that inspires this in them.  Perhaps it is realizing that if they put their hearts into an accomplishment, they will see themselves eventually become more proficient in it than when they began. Or it could simply be the sense of fulfillment gained from learning a new skill.

When I handed my 13-year old the book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” recently, she pored over the pages and immediately put her pencil to work.  This is what she came up with in a few days.


arms and legs

upside down man

upside down knight



negative space




And soon, this learning infected another sibling and the book now sits on someone else’s shelf.

During her spare time (which is actually not much outside of school work, extra curricular activities, reviewing for the SATs, and chores at home) another daughter is eagerly gaining more photography tips as she goes over Bryan Peterson’s, “Understanding Exposure”.   Since she has also taken to running after she perused our copy of Christopher McDougall’s “Born to Run” (a gift for my husband who hasn’t gotten around to reading it), you’ll find her flipping through running magazines our dear “runner” neighbor and friend has loaned to her.

Music skill is another area where the children continue to infect each other with their desire to learn.  When their grandma entrusted our girls with my dad’s old guitar, one of them came up with this in a couple of weeks:

The other kids need more practice before their new musical talent can be appreciated but I know they will get there.  Around our house, it’s quite difficult to contain the spread of  a love for learning. These still pictures would be sufficient for now though.




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