Heavy Weeks

The last couple of weeks, my high schoolers have reached a point in their study of Tapestry of Grace Year 4 (20th Century) where they had to tackle World War I.  Quite a heavy topic, indeed, as they discussed history with their dad and literature with me.  One of them is currently finalising her personal response essay to our literature book.  The other one was inspired to express some of the images she has read about.

To quote from my teacher notes:

The experience of believing and unbelieving soldiers in World War I is an excellent illustration of this saying: ‘Earth is as close as the unbeliever gets to heaven, and it is as close as the believer gets to hell.’

While the older girls processed some of the difficult themes this topic encompassed, I was also reading “Johnny Tremain” from Sonlight Core 3 to the younger two.  This coming of age story (bildungsroman, to borrow a term from our rhetoric literary studies)  is set during the beginning of the American Revolution in 1775 Boston.  It traces the beautiful story of an orphaned, apprenticed silversmith who faces a tragedy in his life and finds himself in the midst of a critical time in America’s history as a nation.

One of the children being read to kept his hands busy while listening.

As practice in recognising his numbers, the littlest one played endless games of “War” with whoever was not so busy.



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