Halfway Through the Year

Been awhile.  Had a lot of catching up to do in terms of record-keeping.  Thankfully, it’s all up to date and am going to try to keep up this time.


Also recently read this post entitled What About Grades via The Potter’s School website (where one of the kids is taking an online class). So true. An excellent reminder for us to continue thinking of our “work” (process and result) as an offering to the Lord and that we would be good stewards of our gifts by consistently striving to do the best we can.  Even the small things matter and count toward the larger goal.  And that larger goal is not an “A” or a “B” but the process of learning about who God is to us and what He requires of us…in our school/life.

How comforting that in our relationship with the Lord we can pass/fail many times but He is more interested in who we are transforming into.  It’s not how much we know or what we have accomplished but how much more loving, peaceful, patient, etc, we are becoming.


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