Home is Where School is

My allergies are acting up and/or I’ve caught a bug. I’m getting the feeling I have to rest. It’s a comfort I can always rely on remembering the past to encourage me to keep on. And personally, this is one of my foremost reasons for continuing to write here.

living and learning

Our first years of homeschooling were quite relaxed with just my two daughters.  I had lots of time to turn a small corner of the lower level of our then split-level house into an area just for them.

Through that door in this “rec room” is the covered garage where the girls enjoyed messy crafts, learned to bike, or shot baskets.  A few steps outside and there’s nature everywhere to explore.

A couple of years into homeschooling, we had baby #3 followed by a move to another house when he was only 6 months old.  A year and a half after the move, we had baby #4.  We still managed to somehow establish a “base” for doing school work in the 2-story house’s walkout basement.

Since only the two girls were officially homeschooling and their work only took up the mornings, “school” was mostly contained in the basement.  However, activities such…

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