Our “WRITING” Journey: Imitation Work Samples

Gearing up for more WRITING posts in the future (hopefully) and after my first Our “WRITING” Journey post.

living and learning

Uninspired is what I am.  Fortunately,  my young writers are not.  Here’s how they wrote by paraphrasing two speeches (ceremonial and judicial) this week. The original models are in the side boxes while their imitation work follows. My 10th and 9th graders completed these to meet Classical Writing (Diogenes) assignments.

1st Model: Mark Antony’s Funeral Speech, Act III, Scene ii of Julius Caesar by Shakespeare

Young Writer #1 Imitation
Comrades, my brothers and fellow Romans, grant me your full attention.  The reason for my arrival is to bid our lifeless Caesar farewell, and not to pay him tribute.  While men die, their sins continue living; all that is righteous in a man is buried with him.  The same shall be done with Caesar.

The upright Brutus has proclaimed Caesar a man hungry for power.  This is a grave flaw indeed, and if it were so for Caesar, gravely…

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