Nature Studies

This year we’re trying something new.  Well, not that we have never engaged in this in the past.  It does come naturally to homeschoolers as you go about your studies, especially science.  I do regret not keeping an official record for what we were unofficially doing in this regard (apart from the Apologia Notebooks we have).  This time, we are hoping we can do nature studies more regularly and keep a nature journal while we are at it.

Our plan is to do this once a week.  We would spend an hour or two outdoors where we can be close to nature.  This time would be spent observing plants and animals we may find.  Then, we would choose a subject to sketch in our nature journal.  Field guides will help us identify our subject so we could record this information as well.  That simple. IMG_0651 IMG_0592 IMG_2594 IMG_2580 Nature study isn’t only science or art.  A nature walk can be considered a physical activity or a time when children can take a break from school work.  It gives us a reason to move, get out and smell the fresh air.  The skill of observation is an important one.  Engaging in it fills us with renewed wonder and awe at the world our Creator has made.  To be able to re-create just a tiny portion of it, and record what we see as we see it, is an opportunity to express some of the gifts the Creator has endowed us as well. IMG_0619IMG_0618 You can just imagine the kind of journal years of doing this could produce.  And having moved about within Canada as well as living some years in Southeast Asia, ours would’ve been an interesting nature journal, indeed!

But, everything has a beginning. IMG_0655 IMG_0658 For more information, you may go to: Ambleside Online Nature Study or  Ambleside Online Nature Study Schedule.


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