Nature Walk Update

It wasn’t too easy to regularly keep our nature walk schedule. More so when some of the children got sick during the winter months.  We did, however, manage a few.

Requiring the children to record an entry in the nature journal every time might not be too effective.  Sooner or later, they will start to dread packing that journal for every nature walk.  Allowing them the freedom to enjoy nature for its sake is a start.  Not too long, the inspiration to record something, indeed, will grow within them.

My 7th-grader has begun to have an appreciation for this activity.  When I invite him out for a walk, he instinctively packs some field guides along with his binoculars.  And sure enough, our walks prove to surprise us with nature’s wonders.


After having finished recording an entry one day (American robin below), we moved on to a different spot and observed black coloured birds diving in and out of the water.  Here is my son trying to figure out what kind of birds (or ducks, more specifically) they were.IMG_3718

Here he is again, early this spring, finishing up an entry on a tree nearby while his siblings just enjoy the surroundings.




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