First grade Science at the moment

Due to our somewhat sudden move across the Pacific this school year and baggage limitations during our journey, we only managed to bring a semester’s worth of history and science books from our shelves.  We figured that we could use the public library and find the same books we left behind that either our current Tapestry of Grace studies or Sonlight Science packages called for.  Or we could find alternative books.

Well, my 1st grader has been doing really great with math and phonics, everything we need available to us at this time.  He is 10 lessons short of finishing his Saxon Math 1 workbook.  He also just completed his Primary Mathematics (Singapore) 1A exercise book and has moved on to the first few lessons of 1B.  He has also been enjoying the selection of beginner readers in the public library.  I make sure we have a few of those each week.  And he’s been doing penmanship and spelling lessons through the Spell to Write and Read program but not as regularly as he does math.

He also keeps up with his older siblings’ Tapestry of Grace (TOG) Year 2 studies.  He’s listened to me read The Story of the World volume 2 and now volume 3 (decided to purchase a Kindle version having left this volume behind as well) to him while working on colouring pages.  We make sure to tackle the map work before the read aloud.  Right now, we are on the 23rd week of TOG 2 Unit 3 where we learn about the 13 colonies.  It’s just as well we don’t have all our books because we are replacing some of those American history with our very own Canadian version with definitely lots of great finds in the library (but that is for another post).

We began going through the Sonlight Science 1 (Animals, Astronomy, and Physics) weeks early on this school year and actually run out of the books from the package to read.  In between, first grader listened in on his older sister’s Apologia Astronomy lessons and watched her perform some experiments.  Lately, we also got back into going through some of his very own experiments from the SL package’s Usborne Book of Science Activities Vol 1 while watching the corresponding videos from the Discover and Do DVD.

Aside from all the science reading, we’ve attempted to do a number of nature walks this year that I’ve posted about.

The last few books scheduled in our Instructor Guides has us reading books about the body (What Makes You Ill, Why do People Eat, Pasteur’s Fight Against Microbes).  Not having these exact books available at the moment even in our library, we managed to find some excellent alternatives.

One of our favourites so far is this:


Like the cover suggests, it had over 100 flaps to lift and made reading and learning about the human body in one book quite entertaining.



After reading about the two-page spread on the senses and in particular about the eyes, I was explaining to him how he can see his pupils contract or dilate.  He immediately ran to the dark bathroom and opened his eyes wide in front of the mirror for a few minutes, ready to turn on the light any time.




So, that’s how we are finishing up our year of science this spring!


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