Program Plans 2015-2016

Mid-July marked the official end of our 12th grader’s school year as she finished off her Physics course online.  Having finalised her homemade transcript, it’s now in the hands of the university she will be attending in the fall.  I’ve also requested a graduation packet from the homeschool umbrella she has been enrolled with for most of her high school years. Her high school write up with The Potter’s School (TPS) e-zine, The Cracked Pot, appears in this link or quoted below.

As summer approaches, Bea considers fondly the twelve years of her kitchen-table education – the last three of IMG_3352which she shared with TPS through studying French, photography, and economics. While Bea is regretful that she will no longer be able to call herself a homeschooler by September, she is excited to study at McGill University with a major in mathematics and some courses in classics and CS in the hopes of becoming a very employable graduate with mad math skills and very useful knowledge of Greek and Latin. She is also excited to practice her French in Montréal and make Mme S proud of her perfectly-European accent. She won’t order bottles of wine (ehem), and she will take lots of photographs for Mrs. T. As for Mr. Rucker, she’s already eyeing a few econ classes for her second semester. For continuing TPS students, Bea encourages them to enjoy their studies, stay in the present, and not worry too much about the future; breathe in the moment; take every day for what it is; don’t live for tomorrow. And that applies to everything, she wishes to tell TPSers. Including homework. “The true harvest of my daily life is somewhat as intangible and indescribable as the tints of morning or evening. It is a little star-dust caught, a segment of the rainbow which I have clutched.” –Ernest Hemingway

Oldest is now all set and registered for her first semester university courses: BEA'S YR 1 SEM 1 SKED Meanwhile, there are four more children at home.  For her last year in high school, incoming 12th grader is doing almost all of her subjects online save for literature, which she and I are hoping to do “unofficially” together.  She had plans to enrol for AP Literature if not for having to catch up with math courses this year.  Eighth-grader is hoping to begin some online classes this year as well (science and French) to prepare for a high school track we are aiming to achieve. We’re also excited to use Latin Alive and Traditional Logic for the first time. The two youngest are continuing on from where they left off last year.

12th grader

IMG_4002Precalculus 11 – Regent Christian Online Academy (RCOA) – began in the summer and almost completed by September.

Precalculus 12 – RCOA

Physics 11 – RCOA (finish Science 10 and challenge Chem 11)

AP Psychology – Traditional Learning Academy Online  (cross enrolment) using Psychology by David Myers

Social Studies 11 – RCOA online using Counterpoints: Exploring Canadian Issues (Pearson)

French 3 – The Potter’s School Online using BJU French and Le Petit Nicolas

Tapestry of Grace Year 3 Literature

Art Foundations 12 – TLA online

Grad Transitions 12 (BC graduation requirement)


8th Grader

Saxon Algebra I IMG_3979

finish Rainbow Science; BC Science 8 online?

finish Tapestry of Grace Y2 U4 and con’t to TOG Y3 Dialectic Level History, Worldview, Lit

Rod & Staff English 8

Vocabulary from Classical Roots C, D/ Writing With Skill 2

Latin Alive Book 1

Traditional Logic I (Memoria Press)

Artistic Pursuits Middle School/guitar/piano/tennis/soccer/basketball

6th Grader

IMG_3985Math-U-See Zeta; Singapore Math 6a/6b

Sonlight Science F (Health, Medicine and Human Anatomy); Apologia Human Anatomy & Physiology

Tapestry of Grace Y2 U4 – Y3 Dialectic Level History, Worldview and Literature

Rod & Staff English 6

Spelling Workout F, G

Classical Writing Homer

Mindbenders B1, Building Thinking Skills 2

Duolingo French

Artistic Pursuits Gr 4-5/guitar/piano/soccer/basketball

2nd Grader

Saxon Math 2; Singapore Math 1B, 2A  IMG_3825

Sonlight Science C (Geology, Meteorology, and Mechanical Technology)

Awesome Book of Bible Facts/ Rhyme Bible/ Jesus Story Bible

Sonlight Core 2 Worldview, History, Literature

First Language Lessons 1 & 2

All About Spelling Level 1 & 2

Writing with Ease 1, 2

Artistic Pursuits K-3/basketball/soccer


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