Program Plans 2016-17

We’re about to begin our 16th year of homeschooling.  By this fall, there will be three children left at home (registered as homeschoolers locally) while two will be off to university in the east coast.  Beginning with the youngest this time, listed below is our plan for this coming school year.

3rd Grader

Bible Road Trip Year 1 (beginning Week 14)IMG_6144

Saxon Math 3 (finish), Saxon 54, Primary Mathematics 2B, 3A

Building Foundations in Scientific Understanding (BFSU) K- 3

Rod & Staff English 3

All About Reading 3, All About Spelling 3

Writing With Ease 2 (continue)

Sonlight Core 2 Intro to World History Part 2/Story of The World 2

Piano – Music for Young Children (Moonbeams 1)

PE – Red Cross Swim Kids 2


7th Grader

Bible Road Trip (beginning Week 14)

Saxon Math 76

Rainbow Science (Physics, Chemistry), Ellen McHenry’s Elements

Rod & Staff English 7

Spelling Workout H, Vocabulary from Classical Roots A

Writing With Skill 1IMG_6117

Tapestry of Grace Y2 dialectic level worldview, history, literature

Fallacy Detective

Duolingo French

Piano – private lessons, RCM Gr 4

PE – Red Cross Swim Kids 5


9th Grader

img_4450Algebra 1 by Dolciani, Swanson, Graham

Spectrum Chemistry (Beginnings Publishing)

Rod & Staff English 9 & 10 (book 1)

Writing with Skill 2, Vocabulary from Classical Roots D, E

Tapestry of Grace Y2  rhetoric level worldview, history, literature

Propositional Logic and Apologetics (The Potter’s School)

Piano – private lessons, RCM Gr 5

PE – Red Cross Swim Kids 7


University Freshman (1st year not homeschooling)

Fall 2016IMG_6135

PSYC 215: Social Psychology
HIST 207: Ancient Mediterranean History
FRSL 302: Listening Comprehension & Oral Expression 1
CLAS200: Intro to Ancient Greek Literature


Winter 2017

BIOL 112: Cell and Molecular Biology
PSYC 212: Perception
PSYC 204: Introduction to Psychological Stats
ENGL 315: Shakespeare
HIST 221: America Since 1865


University Sophomore (2nd year not homeschooling)

Fall 2016Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 3.14.32 PM

COMP 206: Introduction to Software Systems
COMP 273:  Introduction to Computer Systems
MATH 223:  Linear Algebra
MATH 240: Discrete Structures 1

Winter 2017

COMP 251: Algorithms and Data Structures
COMP 302: Programming Languages and Paradigms
ENGL 315: Shakespeare
MATH 222: Calculus 3
MUAR 211: The Art of Listening


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