Christmas Creations

The two-week Christmas break went by so quickly.  I felt like we were rushing to compete school work as we approached it and then it was gone.  Somehow though, the children have taken to making sure their hands got busy even while they put their school books away for the time being. I made a mental note to provide them with resources, this year in the form of gifts. Though it seems like they had busier hands last year (see Keeping Busy with Handy Crafts), they still managed to get some handy crafts this past few weeks. That previous post also explains why I believe getting children’s hands busy this way (in creative things) is so important.

We’ve been learning about the middle ages since the fall.  Youngest has been listening to me read to him the adventures of a minstrel’s son in “Adam of the Road” and we’ve both been enjoying it.  This child also loves puzzles and prides himself over being able to complete 200-pc sets in no time. So, this 100 pc Medieval Castle 3D Puzzle set  was just the thing for him.  With a little help from me (some of the pieces were difficult to bend or insert), he made sure he got this done within a day.



I found Klutz Make Your Own Mini Erasers on a grocery shelf stocked with craft gift suggestions and decided to get it for one of the kids.  I was familiar with the Klutz brand since another child really enjoyed “Watercolor for the Artistically Undiscovered”  some time ago. As soon as the gift was unwrapped, 12-year old lay down her knitting stuff for awhile and started working the clay with her hands.  Little brother joined in, of course! We got batches of her creations baked in between meals and goodies we had to get into the oven during the holidays.



Speaking of baking, we also got to work on the Sunday school Christmas cupcake kit youngest received while talking about what Jesus’ birth meant to us.  The kids had a cousin over that day so we let her join the fun. She got to bring home some cupcakes to her dad who happened to be celebrating his birthday.  We also got to share it with some friends we had over.









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