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Updating this in the summer of 2015, six years after the original “About the Author” page was posted.  We’re still homeschooling, this time with one high schooler, a middle schooler, and 2 in elementary. First child has just graduated from homeschooling all her life!


Eldest (18) is an incoming freshman in university this fall.  Translating latin, photography (I owe to this child the improved photos in this site), swimming and running are some of her favorite things to do.  She enjoys studying literature and languages but has decided she will pursue a degree in math.  She can do well in anything she puts her heart into.  I recall when she turned 6, we surprised her with her first real bike on her birthday. The first time she rode that bike, she didn’t let go of it (except for meals) until she could use it comfortably without training wheels. This daughter has definitely been an excellent model to her siblings of what it means to be responsible, to own up to your work, and to love to learn. My prayer for her is that she will always remember that she can do all things through Him who strengthens her and who knit her in my womb, especially now that she is leaving home to attend college in the east coast.


Second daughter is only 18 months younger.  These first two are practically twins in that they did almost everything together from since they can remember. Although they have very similar interests (latter almost always took up what the former did), they do have their differences.  Second child is more relaxed by nature (until we came back to Canada and she had to meet requirements to graduate in British Columbia!)  Though both of them love to read (her favorite book is Little Women) and write (even as hobbies), this one likes to doodle with her pencil or produce artwork with her pastels or watercolours.  Even without formal drawing/painting lessons, she constantly surprises me with what she comes up with (such as those of her siblings in this post).  She is also very musical, teaching herself to play the guitar.  She is happy to share her musical skills through worship in our bible study group as well as in church. She has also been very influential in her younger siblings’ love for art and music.

IMG_7326Third child came four years after the first two because we migrated as a family in between and needed time to settle first.  We were definitely hoping and  praying for a boy and he was an answered prayer. Far in age from the two older girls, this child has also become somewhat of an “eldest child” since he was followed by two more.  This is our “bug” and nature guy who loves to observe small critters as they go about their life.  As well, he is our avid gardener who will plant whatever seeds he finds in the kitchen.  Needless to say he loves science and it’s because of him that I decided we took the subject seriously since my daughters’ early education was very language arts oriented. Don’t get me wrong though, he’s no nerd.  He is a good artist, plays the guitar and beat box well, has a wonderful singing voice, and would really like to continue piano lessons and learn the violin as well.  So far, he executes with grace whatever sport he gets into, whether tennis, biking, roller blading, swimming, and lately, baseball and soccer!


While my oldest two girls were born 18 months apart, the second two are born exactly 2 years apart.  And this time, the boy-girl duo adds a certain spice to our family life.  Fourth child is the first girl in the family who loves the color pink.  She likes clothes and hair accessories and likes to pose for her older sister’s photo shoots.  She was going to be a ballerina but decided she liked the swimming outfit (bathing suit, head cap, and goggles) better. Her older siblings encourage her by telling her they didn’t swim like her when they were her age. She also enjoys biking, basketball, or soccer with her brothers.  When she cannot keep up with them though, you will find her by herself with a good book, working on her science journals, or lately, knitting!


The last surprise is a brother to keep the only boy so far company.  He also came four years after the last two simply because we hadn’t planned or expected him.  Well, we hadn’t planned or expected fourth child either.  This child benefits from having four older siblings who love to learn and has done a great job trying to keep up with them (with a little reminder that it’s OK not to be able to do all that the older ones are able to).  His good fine motor skills evidenced by the way he holds a pen or any coloring material is quite noticeable.  Like the rest of his siblings, he likes being read to but hasn’t gotten the hang of reading independently as much as they have.   Patience is something I can say this one tries to exhibit despite his situation in the family.




  1. Shiely Hope

    wow… great write up and photo… it feels like i have gotten to know the kids more on a deeper level. i love you guys! great family.

  2. Hi there! Let’ has created a blog feed of blogs that blog (at least occasionally) about homeschooling high school. ( I came across yours today and would LOVE to add it. If you would consider this, could you email me? Thanks in advance!


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